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The Game Designer has the most important role on the team. A game can be ugly, broken, and slow to update — but if it is fun it can succeed in spite of those things. This isn’t a brag, this doesn’t mean other roles are worthless, this isn’t saying designers are smarter —in fact, this is a callout.

Despite the massive amount of responsibility, time and time again I see well-crafted games faceplant because the designer just didn’t check their work. I’m here today to warn you about a type of Game Designer I’m labeling as fortune-tellers.

I’ve met many…

Seeing a game flop can be frustrating, but it’s almost always remediable if you have the patience.

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Not Reasons Your Game Flopped

Before I get into what I think you can do to fix your games, I want to dispose of some popular reasons I’ve heard from frustrated developers (including myself). Unfortunately, these aren’t the reasons your game flopped.

“The problem is nobody plays my game”

I hear this one a surprising amount. I’m surprised by it as in my opinion it is so obviously a symptom of a problem. People not playing your game sucks — I swear I know it sucks, it’s happened…

CJ Oyer

Founder of Nightcycle Studios. He/Him. Slight Workaholic.

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